• TM Registration

Why is trademark registration important for small businesses?


Small businesses and start-ups spend a lot of time and energy coming up with a name and logo while also improving their reputation in the market. Because the name and the logo are the first things customer see, it is important to make sure they are enticing and unique. Once you’ve established everything, you might want to get your trademark registered. Many start-up owners ask if it really is important to do so. So, let’s cut to the chase and get to why having your trademark registered is important.


Protection under the law

One of the more obvious reasons as to why you should have your trademark registered is so that you enjoy exclusive legal ownership of the brand. “But why is this crucial even for a small business like mine?”, you ask. If you start to gain recognition in the market, you can expect others to ride on your reputation. If your trademark is not protected under the law, other unauthorized individuals or businesses can easily make imitations of your products and services. This will cause damage to your reputation and there will be little you can do to stop it. So if your trademark is registered, you have the legal right to stop anybody who is clearly infringing on your trademark.


Increases your business’ value

You can think of trademark registration as an even greater investment for your business to grow. If you have a registered trademark, it will be easier for consumers to associate your products and services to your brand name. If you think about it, you use your logo and name in almost every way. You use them for advertising, packaging, and many more. That way customers will associate your trademark with the goods you produce and the services you provide. They won’t confuse your products with that of other companies anymore.


It allows you to expand

With a registered trademark, you can essentially expand your business geographically. You can set up different branches around Singapore, for example, without worrying about other parties riding on your name. To being protecting your brand in Singapore, you may check out Brandmark's TM filing service. Another advantage of having your trademark registered is that you can assign third-party firms to distribute your goods and services. This can expand your business significantly because you can allow retailers or even franchisers to distribute your products at a greater scope while being protected by the trademark law.